Sep 18, 2010

SNEHA needs support from her fans - Alert

A romantic beautiful, traditional south indian actress "Sneha" was abused by stating he is the great fan of her, who sent her 32 SMS messages, and 40 missed calls in vulgar language. Recently she reported to Chennai Police and the culprit has been captured and put him beside the bars. For this the whole family wept for this before the Cheif justice of Chennai.

SMS messages are like this..
1. Marry me otherwise I will kill you and your family.
2. I want to kiss you.

Some filthy language used to abuse her.. As a profession she has to do so many different kinds of scenes and has to impress all the audience to get survived in this competitive world. This should not be taken as an advantage by this kind of idiots.

Sneha is not alone, so many actresses are being abused by others. Those are not alone.. They are the Goddesses of so many fans .. So Fans should take the initiative to safe guard them at every time. They never expect any temples constructed by their fans, but security should be properly provided by the Government and also Fans..

This should not be repeat again...

So,Fans be alert to safe guard by teaching lesson to those idiots by submitting them to police.......

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