Jan 3, 2010

Adhurs -NTR -Musical hit- Review

This is one more big Musical hit of NTR..
Another DSP composed album after Aarya 2 hit bullseye on the charts. Adhurs stars NTR and the sound is youthful, catchy and fast. Not DSP's best or memorable fare, but nevertheless an asset to the movie.

Shambho Shiva Shambho DSP sings this peppy album opener, which will stay on the charts for a good while. The remix is surprisingly very good too, though to pick one is difficult. In the remix, DSP is inspired by MJ's old beats from Dangerous (instrumental). Lyrics by Chandrabose and vocals by DSP are nothing we haven't heard before, but the combi of the English-Hindi-Telugu lyrics and funky rhythm teamed with a throaty 'Shambho Shiva Shambho' at the end of every verse rocks. Nice. ***1/2

Chandrakala The song starts off with Hariharan's powerful but soulful voice, and once the music comes on, you know this is going to sound cool. Again, Ramajogayya Sastry's lyrics aren't fresh or new, but the catchy tune and upbeat feel makes up for that. There is an instrumental interlude that is obviously inspired from here and there, sounding dreadfully familiar. Rita chips in with her English lyrics and vocals. ***

Pilla Naa Valla Kaadu Mika Singh renders this fast-paced gutsy number. Not 'Dil Mein Baji Guitar..' but at least not 'Oye Lucky..' or whatever that song was-that he has earlier sung. He has interesting vocals that is the highlight of the song. Suchitra and the loud every-instrument instrumental chip in to make this an interesting hear.***

Chary Starts off like a country song (with the lazy strumming) with NTR Jr. singing the vocals with a cheeky edge to his voice, while Rita gives him company. It takes a couple of repeats to understand the lyrics for the untrained ear, but Sastry and DSP with his 'English Rap' (or so it says in the credits) makes for a impish situational (?) song. ***

Neethone This sounds a little flat, even with the saving grace of Kunal Ganjawala and Shreya Ghoshal's vocals. Everything sounds a little repetitive here. No freshness whatsoever. **.75

Assalaam Valekhum The album picks up again with Baba Sehgal and Priya 'Ringa Ringa' Hemesh (with one little tune sounding like that from Mr. Perfect of Aarya 2). This has 'Adhurs' in it for the chorus, so that and the vocals teamed with the winning pace makes this song another potential chartbuster.

Pick of the Album: Shambho Shiva Shambho and Assalaam Valekhum

Last Word With two catchy songs, one pleasant number by Hariharan and one interesting Mika addition, the album is Paisa Vasool. Oh and NTR also sings a number that his admirers are sure to enjoy

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