Oct 10, 2009

20 - Unknow Facts of Mallu Actress - Shakeela

Mallu actress Shakeela-Unknown facts

Every one's life is not bed full of roses and no more exemption for lovely mallu actress of Shakeela too. Some times poverty plays a dramatic life in action.

Just read about SHAKEELA HOT facts

of Shakeela which has been recently told to a news channel Great show (Jaanavuley Nera jaanavuley ) which is a weekly program anchored by Udaya bhanu..

1 “Today this heavy figure is my asset and my curse too !!”

2 “We don’t get the roles that we can act and are used only to sell the film by exposing our body. And one day we are discarded by the public, who run after new girls.”

3 “It is nice to make people happy and laughing”. [About her role as comedian]

4 “I have no regrets because I got something that I never expected and however be so, I would be still remembered by the Kerala public.”

5 “As an actress I would like to do films with Mohanlal and Mamooty”.
Hot facts in actress Biography

6 Shakeela entered the film industry at the age of 15.

7 Shakeela came to lime light after her movie “Kinarathumbikal” which was a big hit forever.

8 Shakeela started her filmy career through B-grade Indian Malayalam and Tamil movies in the early 1990s.

9 Shakeela made her filmy debut through “Playgirls” in which she was a supporting actress.
Initially Shakeela was compared to Silk Smitha. Later she was able to leave her own impression.

10 Shakeela’s movies created great competetion in malayalam cine field even big heroes were scared about her movies. Some actors even went to the extent of demanding boycott of shakeela movies as they said to have killed good cinemas.

11 Shakeela ruled box office in 90s and upto early 2000s in Malayalam industry.

12 Though Shakeela was beautiful and talented actress she was limited to Masala movies and she was not given a fair opportunity to exhibit her talent in acting.

13 Shakeela stated her wish to act with Rajnikanth or Mohanlal.

14 In 2007, Shakeela acted with Superstar Mohanlal in “Chotta Mumbai” and thus her long term ambition was fulfilled at last.

15 In 2004 Shakeela had to appear before a court in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, as she was accused of screening an obscene movie.

16 Shakila has planned to write her autobiography. Later it was reported that she changed her mind and dropped the idea of writing her biography.

17 Shakila has acted in more than 100 malayalam movies.

18 In 2005 Shakila has decided to stop acting in masala movies.

19 Now Shakila is acting as a comedian in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil movies.

20 So far Shakila acted in telugu, tamil, malayalam, kannada movies.

Shakeela best hot movie collection list

  1. * Play Girls ( 1990) First movie of Shakeela
  2. * Kinarathumbikal
  3. * Bangaram
  4. * Veendum Thulabharam
  5. * Penmanassu
  6. * Soundharyalahari
  7. * Agniputhri
  8. * Sagara
  9. * Sneha
  10. * Mis Chalu
  11. * Aalilathoni
  12. * Vedikettukaari
  13. * One night with Dinil
  14. * Bavalu Sayya
  15. * Nijam
  16. * Chance
  17. * Chintamani
  18. * Ha Okka Nimisham
  19. * Ranganayaki
  20. * Dear Sneha
  21. * Vagalady
  22. * Paruvam


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