Jun 22, 2009

Downoad -Home alone 2 comedy thriller

Actually this is the sequel of 'HOME ALONE' which is comedy thriller..
I watched this movie about a year ago and enjoyed the whole thing. It makes for a great comedy, and I think it worked wonderfully as a sequel: it brings back the main characters and the plot situation, but the stakes are raised and more of the thieves' antics and more of the kid's ploys add more fun to the film! I was laughing out loud as I watched the now-Sticky Bandits take multiple hits to the head and falls down long drops. But parents should be warned about these stunts, which are usually more painful than the first Home Alone's were; not all little kids should keep watching just yet. I had also watched this movie just after it was released, and even though I was just slightly younger than Culkin, I remember being horrified when Marv was hit on the head over and over by bricks thrown from three stories above him. Now, I think it’s hilarious, but parents with more serious kids should be careful with the extra violence in this movie.

download - home alone 2


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