Jan 4, 2009

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aadi nunchi aakaaSam moogadi
anaadi gaa talli dharaNi moogadi
naDuma vacchi urumu taayi mabbulu
naDi mantrapu manushulakae ee maaTaalu, inni maaTalu

philosophizes Veturi about the ideology of caste and the grip it has over the soceity, in the song that innocently questions "ae kulamu needanTae gOkulamu navvindi". After Viswanath, Veturi and Mahadevan share much of the burden translating the idea that the individual is always above the institution, than it is the other way around. "aeDu varNAlu kalisi indhradhanasautaadi, anni varNaalakoo okaTae ihamu paramunTaayi" - the way Veturi equates the confluence of colors (varNaalu) in a rainbow, to the co-existence of the different castes (varNaalu) in one society, "tellaavu kaDupunaa karraavu lunDavaa, karraavu kaDupunaa eraavu puTTadaa" to point out the difference between "vrutthi dharmam" and "manO dharmam", fits exactly with the spirit of "Saptapadi". Ultimately after the dust settles when Hema goes away with Murali, Gauri dedicates himself to the temple, Viswanath makes a contrasting statement that while the "saptapadi" that the couple (Hema and Murali) undertook binds them in the institution of a long-lasting frienship, Yajulu's Saptapadi breaks away the structure that held back the humanity within him, the traditions that tied up his soul and the customs that kept him from appealing to his good senses, one step at time.

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