Jul 1, 2008

Radio Sai - Global Harmony Online 24 hrs Devotional

24 hours Radio Sai Devotional - Global Harmony- Live from Puttaparthy (Prashanthi Nilayam Online)

Note : Please note: You will need a player with streaming mp3 support. Older versions of Windows Media player, and Windows media player on the Mac do not work.

Recommended players are:
WinAmp - free download available for Windows here
XMMS for Linux/Unix is available here

Sonique and Windows Media Player for Windows and iTunes for Mac and Win2K/XP may also be used.

RealOne Player also works, and is available for Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux.

MusicMatch Jukebox is another player for Windows.

With data rates dropping for many mobile users, listening to Radio Sai using mobiles has become feasible. Wifi enabled phones can also be used to listen to Radio Sai at Wifi hotspots.

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