Apr 3, 2012

Agent Vinod Good film- 2012- Review

Agent vinod, A very Good film for Saif and to his fans. This is purely Indian Bond Film. We appreciate the movie taking is very nice and interesting. Especially action episodes are really great. Rating : 4/5 Keeping a light tone is the toughest thing to do for a filmmaker. One wrong step and the laughs turn into sniggers. For most part Agent Vinod manages to be cool.

After a rocky drive following a slam bang shoot out, Saif (who is Vinod, Agent Vinod) turns to his beautiful companion and says: Aasha hai aapki yatra sukhad rahi. When he's about to be shot, he asks his tormentor for a thanda beer. And in between getting shot at and shooting, he tells his rival agent (Kareena Kapoor, folks), while shoveling spaghetti down his gullet: Kuch paane ke liye kuch khaana padta hai. Super stuff, right? Especially if it's shot across some of the world's most intriguing countries: Russia, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia.

And especially when Kareena and Saif look like they are dressed from the season's coolest fashion catalogue, complete with Hermes handbags and Burberry scarves. It's something refreshing,stylish and different,its GOOD!!! first half has got some stylish action sequences,awesome locations.(.also there are some really "hot good looking,never heard of babes", and at times little bit of humor..

It is a bit confusing(u ll be like what the hell.. where's this story going?),but in the 2nd half as things get clear,the story actually makes sense.Also,the climax of the movie is good.Other critics have given a bogus review(don't go for that!).

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